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The intricate and captivating images found in some of the photographs included in the book 'Beyond Doubt: A Supernatural Journey to WAR Against Broken Hearts' are displayed below. During the publication process, it was determined that the quality of some of the multi-faceted spiritual images were somewhat diminished when they were transferred from the digital files onto printed pages. For a more riveting view of those mysterious images found in the book's chapter 5 'The Veil', chapter 11 'God in 3D' and chapter 29 'The Pink Lady and the Spirit', it became necessary to add those photographs to this website. For a complete story about the origin of the pictures and images, please refer to the following chapters in the book.

Chapter 5 'The Veil'

Some of William's friends gathered at his apartment the day of his funeral. One of the pictures taken that day has a transparent face, much like William's face, and a transparent image of our little dog, Bo Jangles, that appears in the following photographs.

Chapter 11 'God in 3D'

A few days after William's funeral, we were in Arizona for His Grandmother's memorial service. While there we visited the San Xavier del Bac Mission in Tucson. A shrine to 'Our Lady of Lourdes' was built into the hillside. I spent a long time visiting with the Holy Mother Mary, and I believe she heard my pleas for peace and healing. In the book, there are pictures taken at the shrine of pink orbs that I named the 'Pink Lady'. The next day at twilight, I was spiritually prompted to take a photograph of the clouds directly overhead. That cloud photo haunted me until I finally saw the 'God in 3D' images. The overlays are intended to point out the mysterious images that will take the viewer on an exceptional journey into the heavens.

There is a feminine silhouette similar to the above overlay standing inside the clouds in the following picture.

Once the faces are found in the following pictures, it should be easy to find them in the picture above without the help of the overlays.

Chapter 29 'The Pink Lady and the Spirit'

I took the following night time picture of my cabin in the snow. The 'Pink Lady' orb emerged in this picture accompanied by an apparition of a 'Male spirit whose transparent face materialized above the front door.' I believe the manifestations were beckoning me to complete William's unfinished business by writing 'Beyond Doubt: A Supernatural Journey to WAR Against Broken Hearts.'

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"For though we live in the world,
we do not wage war as the world does."
2 Corinthians 10:3