The following is a copy of a newspaper article Published in the Marietta, GA Daily Journal

(The name of the DUI Offender is being withheld to protect the privacy of his family.)

'He needs to be off the street'

DUI offender gets 25 years
in death of teenagers he hit

By Scott Henry
Marietta Daily Journal Staff Writer

A habitual DUI offender who killed a Paulding County teenager last fall when his careening van struck the teens car head-on was sentenced to 25 years in jail and had his drivers license revoked for life by a Cobb judge Wednesday.

(Name Withheld), 36, of Marietta plead guilty last month to vehicular homicide while under the influence of an assortment of narcotics in the death of 19-year-old William Rich.

"Drugs are his downfall and he needs to be off the street" noted Cobb Superior Court Judge Robert Flournoy during last months pre sentencing hearing. "The court frets over these things".

According to court records, (Name Withheld), a four time DUI violator on probation for Marijuana possession, was driving his van east on Stilesboro Road on the night of Oct. 13 when he veered of the road and struck a sign.

Swerving back onto the road, (Name Withheld) van crossed the center line near the entrance to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park and slammed head-on in to the 1977 Camaro driven by Rich, who had just turned off Old Highway 41 and was on his way home.

Rich, who had learned hours before that his grandmother had died earlier that day, was killed instantly.

Drug Tests on (Name Withheld) showed the presence of a combination of cocaine, "crank", amphetamines, tranquilizers and prescription painkillers.

Police reports also showed that minutes before the fiery collision, (Name Withheld),had passed another driver on the road, again steering wildly into the oncoming lane.

At last months pre sentencing hearing, (Name Withheld) mother and other family members begged the judge for leniency, claiming the admitted offender, who walks with a cane, had suffered physical and mental trauma from the crash and often woke up in the night sobbing.

Under state law (GA), the maximum jail sentence for vehicular homicide alone is15 years, but (Name Withheld) guilty plea on five DUI charges, combined with his prior convictions, allowed for a much longer sentence.

Under the judge's sentence, even if (Name Withheld) wins early parole, he will still be on probation until the year 2027.